Tax Legislation:


Are You Sure Your CPA Is Familiar with All the Current Tax Laws?


Well, maybe it’s time you found out! Tax legislation can be very complex…And…It changes all the time…


We make it a point to train and educate our CPAs and tax preparers on a regular basis…We pride ourselves on ALWAYS being current and up to date on ALL tax legislation laws.

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Are you sure? There is nothing worse than paying more to the IRS or the state department of revenue, than you have to…That’s where we come in…We will make sure that you get ALL of the legal deductions that you deserve…And are qualified for…

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Are you one of the millions of Americans that has obtained health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace?  Are you struggling to understand Premium Tax Credits and Advanced Premium Tax Credits? 

It sounds like a very basic question…Doesn’t it? But it’s not as simple and straight forward as it may seem…

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In the wake of the Supreme Court’s Windsor decision invalidating a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the Treasury Department and IRS announced on Thursday that “same-sex couples, legally married in jurisdictions that recognize their marriages, will be treated as married for federal tax purposes.” The IRS also issued a revenue ruling (Rev. Rul. 2013-17) and FAQs providing guidance on the topic.


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